About Replace the Face

This music video project is a way to connect two people. Strangers or friends, its up to you. The internet has been lauded for connecting us, as well as condemned for making us feel alone. We believe it’s all about how you use it. We use the internet to surpass physical distances between people, but try to keep the elements of a physical meet-up that make it feel significant. By giving each viewer his or her own perspective on the same events, we hope to provide an intimate and meaningful experience.

We refrain from giving advice. To prescribe what someone should or shouldn’t do is condescending and futile. It’s not up to others to decide whether your problems are severe enough to feel the way you do. Its bemeaning of others to think they have an easy solution, and its a misconception that depression requires any cause or reason at all. But if you do feel alone it is the duty of others to remind you that you are not.


Produced by Spektor

Producers Tim Murck, Joris Hoebe

Line Producer Philip John Fountain

Director Joris Hoebe



Brynn Eli Thorne

Emma Milou Pleunis



Tech Lead Jason de Ridder

Interaction Design Jesse Veenstra

Webdesign Malou ter Horst, Ruben Doornweerd

Chat Doan Vu Thuan


Director of Photography Bob Alkemade

Location Sound Recordist Pietro Novello

Sound Edit Supervisor Pietro Novello

Sound Editor Claudio Santos

Art Direction Femke Hoebe


Thanks to The people of Llanfaethlu

Especially Karen Warburton from the shop, the tealadies and Mrs. I Ross-Jones for your amazing hospitality. And to Radek Jakimiak for letting us use his truck.


Shot on locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Wales


Made possible by TaxFonds
TAX-videoclipfonds — www.videoclipfonds.nl







About Lowlakes

Intimate, haunting, and swirling with atmospherics, Lowlakes’ music has a sense of the cinematic. Their marriage of shoegaze, alternative and dream-pop is dark with imagery of midnight, wintry landscapes- punctuated by bone-chilling waves of frontman Tom Snowdon’s voice. Originally hailing from Alice Springs in the central Australian desert, childhood friends Snowdon, Bill Guerin and Jack Talbot formed Lowlakes with Brent Monaghan in 2011 after relocating to Melbourne. Lowlakes made waves with the release of their 2012 eponymous EP, and after performing at the prestigious CMJ Music Festival in New York in October 2012 and European tours in May and October 2013, Lowlakes’ haunting sound is digging a footing all over. Their debut album is Iceberg nerves.

Lowlakes website

About Replace the Face About Lowlakes


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350 million of us suffer from depression

Every 40 seconds one of us dies by suicide

What keeps the rest of us from jumping?